Automotive striping & business labeling in Kentucky

The Final Touch Crew, Kentucky's preferred automotive customizing shop delivering world-class service and showroom quality results in all things automotive are experts when it comes to vinyl wraps. These can be applied to take over the entire vehicle and turn it into a custom-designed rolling billboard for your business or to create a cohesive custom look for your car, truck, boat, trailer, or just about anything. Branded vehicles advertise your business with every mile driven, raising awareness and generating new leads. Our high-quality wraps and decals stand up to the wear and tear of the road so your vehicle looks sharp and professional for every trip. Truck and trailer wraps are great for · Racing and athletic teams · Ranches · Moving companies · Landscape crews · or just to personalize your ride

When it comes to vehicle graphics, we don't stop at cars and trucks; we can decal just about anything. While vinyl wraps have been around for over a decade, what's new is an explosion of colors and textures. Vinyl comes preprinted in hundreds of colors and finishes that can be customized into personalized designs printed on enormous digital printers that are laminated in finishes ranging from matte to metallic and applied to the ride's exterior. They stick with microscopic glue bubbles built into the vinyl's backing that, when removed, in most cases leave the car's paint intact and without damage.


Business wrapping

Whether you're a 2-person construction company or a Fortune 500 corporation, if you have commercial vehicles you must know the importance of having your vehicles lettered. It is the best advertising decision you can make. No other form of advertising offers as low a cost per visual impression as vehicle lettering. You already own the space; why not use it to promote your company?


Custom Striping

Make your ride one of a kind! Take your vehicle's appearance be it a boat, car, truck, quad, or any other vehicle to the next level with a custom color change or by having the Final Touch Crew create a unique, one-of-a-kind custom stripe package just for you. Freshen up the look of your vehicle by adding a partial or complete color change, while keeping the original paint and finish safe and undamaged.