Amazing sound in your ride, car audio systems

Amazing car audio doesn't just happen by accident. This sound is a combination of top quality products and expert installation that creates in-vehicle entertainment that move your senses. The feel of a kick drum, the thump of the bass guitar, the crash of cymbals and the realism of vocals that aurally transport you to the original recording venue are all attributes that our expert installation technicians at Final Touch Crew in Frankfort Kentucky perfect with every installation.

our professional car audio and electronics installation techs go beyond a perfect install and perfect operation. We also help you discover solutions for whatever you're looking for in a car stereo, connecting your smartphone to your car, car video, remote start, GPS navigation, or safety and security systems?solutions you never thought possible. At Final Touch Crew we're not satisfied until you are.

From a ground up, complete audio system installation, a delicate replacement of worn and broken components or a solution-based upgrade to your factory-installed audio system, we have the expertise, the tools and product selection to deliver astonishing sound in your vehicle.

Throughout the years we have built up close relationships with most local, new car dealerships, which enabled us to always have the new edge technology on cars before their release, and this gives us the ability to retrofit factory equipment including, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus etc. Final Touch Crew perceives that the service given is just as important as the product and guarantees customer satisfaction with every visit.

Custom audio installation in Kentucky

Now a days, audio is a must have when it comes to boats and motorcycles. If you have spent the past winter thinking about life back on the water, and the audio system just isn't at it's peak potential then it's time to give the Final Touch Crew a call. It's time to be honest, how does your stereo system in your boat really sound? Can you truly hear it when you are cruising on the Kentucky river or lake at half or full speed? When you are at the dock or beached, does it sound lifeless and empty? Will it play the music from your smart phone? When docked or beached and your stereo is on, is your boat the party palace or is it the other boat?

More and more people own a motorcycle or ATVs. The increased interest in riding causes an increase in popularity of motorcycle or ATV audio. The Final Touch Crew in Frankfort Kentucky has been designing audio systems on motorcycles and ATV's for a many years. Our crew enjoys that people are recognizing the benefit of amazing-sounding audio systems on their motorcycles and ATV's.

Did you know we have products that will let you keep your phone protected in the cabin and control it wirelessly with a waterproof controller that we place strategically in an easily accessible spot? Final Touch Crew is here to help. For decades, we have been providing Kentucky with the greatest-value, highest-quality and best performing marine audio products. Come see us and we will customize your boat together. We will work one on one with you, taking the time to understand your needs, wants and goals.

Why not have great sounding music while you wake board, or take a cruze on your motorcycle? The final touch crew has speakers specifically designed to give you great sound while you are getting pulled behind the boat or taking an amazing journey on two wheels. You will not believe the clarity and overall volume we can give you these days. Imagine landing that trick, enjoying the wind in your face, while hearing your favorite song as clear as day. Sounds great, doesn't it? Contact us now!